Providing solutions to fluid control issues

For over 50 years now, DDP is a key supplier of miniature fluid control components.


DDP offers an impressive range of standard catalogue items. However, if needed, custom made fluid control components can become part of any solution. Whether a technical issue might arise in a hydraulic or pneumatic application on commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, naval vessels, machine tools, downhole oil tools, power generation equipment, race cars, scientific and medical instrumentation, and ink jet printing applications.... DDP would gladly be your trustworthy partner in any (custom made) solution.


Markets Served


·         Commercial aircraft

·         Military aerospace

·         Oil exploration / production

·         Power-Gen

·         Formula 1 race cars

·         Automotive

·         Industrial Hydraulics

·         In-vitro diagnostics

·         Respiratory care

·         Therapeutic care

·         Drug discovery

·         Environmental monitoring


In the past, we have been able to offer unique capabilities in miniaturization and engineering. As a consequence, our company is constantly at the forefront of fluid flow technology. We consider Quality Assurance to be a management commitment of the highest order. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.